Hyundai Protection Plan

Despite having one of the longest and best new vehicle comprehensive warranties in Canada, Hyundai's warranty has one of the industry's lowest usage rates. That fact is a testament to the quality, fit-and-finish and attention to detail that makes Hyundai unparalleled in terms of value. For people who keep their vehicles for extended periods of time, or drive heavy mileage, additional, extended warranty protection can be an extremely valuable tool and one that makes financial sense.
Most people would agree that a vehicle could be considered more than satisfactory if everything operated 99.9% as intended throughout its life cycle on the road. With that in mind, and realizing that there are 14,000+ parts (many of them moving) on a vehicle, that would leave 14 parts to break down over a vehicle's life. With the costs of parts and labour continually on the rise, not having to pay for repairs can more than pay for a warranty. There are additional benefits that can make the decision even easier...


Available Hyundai Protection Plans (HPP):


  • 7 year / 120,000km (+ Optional Wrap) - adds 2 years / 20,000km (whichever comes first) to the original new vehicle warranty
  • 7 year / 140,000km (+ Optional Wrap) - adds 2 years / 40,000km (whichever comes first) to the original new vehicle warranty
  • 8 year / 160,000km (+ Optional Wrap) - adds 3 years / 60,000km (whichever comes first) to the original new vehicle warranty
  • 5 year / 100,000km (WRAP) - adds coverages, outlined below, to the original new vehicle warranty (or can be added to the above HPPs)


Why Should I Buy a Hyundai Protection Plan?


When you buy a car, sometimes you need extended coverage. The Hyundai Protection Plan offers you that protection from unexpected repairs, and the confidence to drive your vehicle knowing it is protected nation wide. The Hyundai Protection Plans extend the comprehensive component coverage of your new vehicle warranty. The WRAP plan ensures that you are covered for those common inconveniences that may affect your vehicle, by providing coverage that gets you back on the road as soon as possible.


Just Some Of The Benefits Of HPP:


Rental Assistance - Receive Vehicle Rental Assistance up to five (5) days ($35.00/day) towards the cost of a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is inoperable overnight or longer
No Deductible - Complete coverage on parts, labour, sublet, GST and provincial taxes, with no deductible charge
Security - Get peace of mind knowing that HPP is administered and backed by Hyundai Auto Canada
No Limits - No maximum or aggregate claim limit amount
Extended Roadside Assistance - Fuel delivery service, lockout service, battery boosting, mechanical first aid, towing service, winching and extrication, U.S. arrest bond certificate service and trip accident assistance. Get extended Roadside coverage on top of the (3) year / unlimited coverage that comes with every new Hyundai
Inflation Protection - Protection from tomorrow's price inflation on repairs, parts and service
Coast-to-Coast - Carefree driving knowing you have protection travelling anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
Transferable - HPP can transfer to the next owner, enhancing the resale/trade value of your vehicle
Affordable - Receive peace of mind protection for pennies a day


What is the WRAP?


The Wrap Plan is a Hyundai Protection Plan offered by Hyundai Auto Canada through authorized Hyundai dealers only. Consisting of extended roadside assistance, rental car assistance, battery warranty coverage and tire road hazard coverage, the WRAP Plan ensures that you are covered for the most common inconveniences that may affect your vehicle. It essentially takes the New Vehicle warranty and Roadside Assistance and adds additional coverage's to add even more value to the 5 year / 100,000km comprehensive warranty and 3 year / unlimited km roadside that starts from a vehicle's original in-service date.




All Hyundai vehicles are eligible for Hyundai Protection Plan (HPP) coverage, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the plan. Plans can be purchased at the time of new car sale or within 36 months of the warranty in-service date, or 60,000km (12 months or 20,000km for Wrap Plan), whichever occurs first. Surcharges apply to HPP contracts not purchased at time of sale.


Because a vast majority of Belleville Hyundai's Pre-Owned Inventory is under 36 months or 60,000km from original in-service date, many of the vehicles still qualify for the New Vehicle HPP warranty. In the event a vehicle no longer qualifies for a New Vehicle HPP, we can add a Hyundai Used Vehicle HPP contract that is tailored to meet the needs of the buyer (Powertrain-Only Coverage available up until a vehicle reaches 120,000km; Premium Coverage up until 100,000km). Belleville Hyundai can also seek alternative options, as required.


Owner Maintenance Responsibility


The owner's responsibility is to properly operate, care for and maintain the vehicle as prescribed in the Owner's Manual and Service Passport booklet supplied by Hyundai with each new vehicle. Ask to view Belleville Hyundai's Maintenance Schedule for greater understanding of whats involved in keeping your vehicle at peak performance.


Interested and want to know more? Contact Belleville Hyundai by phone or email and we will be glad to help!